Accident and Health

Committed to providing our brokers and ceding companies with efficient risk transfer products that can profitably influence their results.

An A&H Leader

Arch Re is a recognized leader in the Accident & Health reinsurance market, with business from more than 250 customers in over 50 countries. Our underwriting team has been a market leading entity for more than 25 years and has built extensive Accident & Health reinsurance expertise combined with an invaluable network of business contacts worldwide. Arch Re’s state-of-the-art technology enables us to provide the best service to our customers.

We offer the following products, on both a treaty and facultative basis:

  • Reinsurance of Life, Personal Accident, Travel, Medical and Workers’ Compensation portfolios.
  • Catastrophe Excess of Loss, Per Risk Excess of Loss and Proportional Reinsurance.

We have the ability to extend significant capacity to our customers worldwide:

  • Up to €30 million available on Catastrophe Excess of Loss programs.
  • Up to €1.5 million per person/per program for other types. 

We are committed to the broker markets worldwide and work to maintain our relationships through regular visits to our key markets. In addition, we seek to maintain and develop mutually beneficial relationships with our ceding companies worldwide.

Contact Us

Worldwide (Non-U.S.)

Soren Scheuer

Head of Accident and Health

+45 3089 8868

[email protected]

Worldwide (Non-U.S.)

Casper Bendtson

Senior Underwriter

+45 2222 2772

[email protected]

Worldwide (Non-U.S.)

Lukas Torp-Pedersen

Underwriter, Treaty

+45 24 98 16 69

[email protected]

Corporate Contact

Peder Moeller

General Manager

+45 53 76 42 62

[email protected]

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