Life and Health

Proportional and non-proportional covers for biometric risk transfer.


Our philosophy is to help our customers grow profitably by providing them proportional and non-proportional covers for biometric risk transfer. Our Life and Health clients are served via broker or on a direct basis by Arch Reinsurance Ltd. and by Arch Reinsurance Europe Underwriting Ltd.

Our focus is the reinsurance of the following risks for both individual and group business:

  • Death.
  • Short and long-term disability.
  • Long-term care.
  • Medical expenses and critical illness.
  • Unemployment/Redundancy policies.

In addition to offering proportional and non-proportional conventional reinsurance solutions, we help our clients improve their capital position through:

  • Financing of new business acquisition costs.
  • Surplus relief covers.
  • Value in Force transactions (assumptions of existing blocks).

Our value proposition is enhanced by providing facultative or treaty reinsurance support for:

  • Large sums insured for high net worth individuals.
  • Death and Professional Disability cover for athletes.
  • Loss of license cover for professionals of the aviation industry.
  • Stop Loss cover for medical or life portfolios.

Corporate Contact

Jerome Halgan

President and Chief Underwriting Officer, Arch Reinsurance Group; Chief Executive Officer, Arch Reinsurance Ltd.

Regional Contacts

Asia Pacific

Thomas Keel

Vice President, Life, Asia

+41 44 217 88 30

[email protected]

Bermuda, Europe

Raul Maldonado

Chief Underwriting Officer, Life and Health

+1 441 278 9173

[email protected]


Philippe Brunel

Senior Vice President, Life (Europe & France)

+41 44 217 8824

[email protected]

Latin America

Janice Mina

Life Underwriter

+1 441 278 9195

[email protected]

Middle East

Amine Braikia

Vice President, Middle East and Africa

+44 203 841 1798

[email protected]

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