Marine and Offshore Energy

Specialized reinsurance programs for a diverse international portfolio.


The Marine and Offshore Energy division provides a diversified business platform focusing on the transportation of goods and the liabilities created by ship owners as well as the needs and complexities of the offshore industry. These are volatile reinsurance categories requiring an in-depth understanding and constant monitoring of the exposures, industries and ever-changing needs of the primary risk carriers. Maintaining flexibility and responding swiftly to these needs is a defining element of our strategy and strength for Marine and Offshore Energy clients.

We provide coverage on a worldwide basis for all Marine and Offshore Energy insurance lines, including windstorm in the Gulf of Mexico where required. We create specialized reinsurance programs for a diverse international portfolio ranging from small domestic mono-line insurers to multinational insurance companies and Lloyd’s Syndicates.

Our appetite is worldwide and covers a diverse range of marine reinsurance business, including specialist lines. Writing proportional and excess of loss products, our lines include:

  • Cargo.
  • Hull.
  • Marine liability (including P&I).
  • Marine war.
  • Offshore energy.
  • Inland Marine.

Why Work with Us

We offer flexible, competitive reinsurance solutions including proportional and non-proportional reinsurance and retrocession treaties. Our long-standing expertise, financial security, global know-how and strong client focus enable us to develop optimal, tailored solutions for the specialist companies operating in this sector.

Corporate Contacts

Felix Vogler

Head of Marine


+41 44 668 93 26

[email protected]

Mike Harrington

Head of Marine

+44 (0)20 7082 1815

[email protected]


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